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~Things To Know~

Please read the following

:bulletblue: Respect the other members.

:bulletred: Please don't submit any porn.

:bulletblue: No stolen art. Bases with proper credit are fine of course. If someone finds stolen art within the group please report it right away so we can remove it.


:bulletgreen: Featured:
For a new Featured Folder start this one is Closed.

:bulletgreen: Featured NEW:
A showplace for great intermidiate and advanced Fanart. The admins of the group will put your works in there.

:bulletgreen: Strawhats:
Obviously anything to do with the main pirate crew the Strawhat Pirates. It can be anything at all from a drawing or a photo of your newest action figure thing so long as its one of the strawhats :) No OC's.

:bulletgreen: Red-Hair Pirates:
Anything to do with Shank's crew. No OC's

:bulletgreen: Whitebeard Pirates:
Anything to do with the Whitebeard pirates. No OC's

:bulletgreen: Heart Pirates:
Anything to do with the Heart Pirates. No OC's.

:bulletgreen: Kidd Pirates:
Anything to do with the Kidd Pirates. No OC's

:bulletgreen: Marines:
anything to do with the marines. No OC's

:bulletgreen: Mixed:
If you have something with two characters that aren't in the same crew (and you aren't intending them to be a canon pairing in the picture/whatever it is) then they go in this folder. If its a canon pairing then it goes in the canon folder. Brotherly pictures of Ace and Luffy go in ASL while paired Ace and Luffy go in the canon pairings.

:bulletgreen: OC's:
OC's of course! NO CANON

:bulletgreen: Fanfictions:
Any fanfics can go in here. NO PICTURES. it must be a form of writing.

:bulletgreen: Fancomics:
Additional to Fanfiction
All kinds of Fancomics, may it be single paged ones (divided into Panels like a Manga-Page) to comics with more chapters and pages will belong to this folder. NO Memes or just edited Screenshots - they still belong into the others-folder.

:bulletgreen: OC and Canon:
Anything with an OC and canon character in it. Can be a OCxCanon pairing or not. Doesn't matter. If an OC and canon are in the same picture it goes in here.

:bulletgreen: Revolutionaries:
Anything to do with the revolutionaries. No OC's

:bulletgreen: ASL
Ace, Sabo and Luffy. Any brotherly or their past pictures go in here :) if its more towards romancey stuff than into the Canon pairing folder it goes.

:bulletgreen: Warlords:
The warlords. No OC's

:bulletgreen: Baroque Works:
Anything to do with baroque works members. Vivi can go in here or the strawhats folder. I don't mind. Luffy considers her apart of their crew after all :) No OC's

:bulletgreen: Cosplay:
Any cosplay pictures.

:bulletgreen: Others:
Any character without a folder to fit into can go in here. Also if its a crossover of OP and something else it can go in here.

:bulletgreen: Canon Couples:
As it says, Canon couples.

:bulletgreen: Fishmen:
Anything to do with Fishman/fishwomen and mermaids/merman. Can also be the Fishman pirates. No OC's.

:bulletgreen: Donquixote Family:
All members of the Family. Includes Ceasar Clown and Bellamy. Pictures of Doflamingo himself are right in this folder as well as in Warlords. NO OC's

:bulletgreen: Lineart:
All Lineart which are made to be colored by other deviants.

Any questions just leave a comment or send a note :)
Hey guys sorry for the long wait! There were some ties so we had to sort that out but the results are finally here :D

Thank you to everyone for entering, we got more entries than I expected it was great and they were all wonderful~!!

So here they are:

1st Place

Happy... 'Coratatsu'! (One Piece fanart) | GIFTART by MajorasMasks

By MajorasMasks

- 1 flat colour full body of any character from CelestialWolf66
- A5 custom sketchbook (need to be willing to give postal address) OR Full colour drawing from xXFireFistAceXx
- 3 month subscription from xXFireFistAceXx
- Short story from nixdex (reader insert not OC's)
- Drawing and 50 :points: from sanjee-chan
- 100 :points: from darkervapid

2nd Place

Happy Birthday Tony Tony Chopper 2015 by Yuushishio

By Yuushishio

- Full body sketch of any character from CelestialWolf66
- A6 custom sketchbook (need to be willing to give postal address) OR flat colour drawing from xXFireFistAceXx
- Short Story from nixdex (reader insert not OC's)
- Drawing and 25 :points: from sanjee-chan
- 50 :points: from darkervapid

3rd Place

One Piece - Christmas Contest (2015) - Submission! by TheLunixGamerX

By TheLunixGamerX

- 3 small custom notebooks (need to be willing to give postal address) OR lineart from xXFireFistAceXx
- Short Story from nixdex (reader insert not OC's)
- Drawing from sanjee-chan
- 25 :points: from darkervapid

Congrats to our winners! :party: The mods will contact you about your prizes from each of them or if they haven't after a couple days go ahead and contact them instead :)

And also the runners up! You get a Llama and of course a mention/feature in this journal :)

ASL- Exchange of Hot Chocolate by evaienna      

By evaienna

Christmas Contest: Law and Luffy by Ladiola

By Ladiola

Christmas Party Sangoku and Garp One Piece by AlbiKai

By AlbiKai  

Thanks everyone! Also in the comments if anyone wants to suggest a possible contest that they would like to see in this group in the future please go ahead and leave a comment! (like for an event such as valentines which its too late for heh or a season or some other holiday or whatever else you can think of!)
More Journal Entries

Gallery Folders

OC and Canon
Canon Couples
Strawhats FULL
Christmas Contest 2011
Valentines Contest 2011


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Group Info

An awesome group for the awesome anime One Piece! You can submit art and stories (With or without OC's). Join us! :D
Founded 5 Years ago
Nov 3, 2010


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Fan Club

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EmmieyCathiey Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2016
I have a question for the group about stats. I have an OC that I am making based on this OC thing:…

My OC is a civ. She's gonna be weak sauce compared to the main cast. She doesn't have a devil fruit. The worst she could do is try to go at someone with a kitchen knife or with whatever was around. Here are the stat things that need to be filled out that I haven't gotten to. 

Hand To Hand Combat: 



People Skills (I'm not sure what this means. She's socially awkward due to the fact that her parents aren't originally from Goa): 

Please help!
xXFireFistAceXx Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hmm I'm not sure how well I can help you with it but I'll try :)

I've never filled stats out like this before but it looks like it's all out of 10. So I guess 10 being really good at defence, offence, etc. and the lower the number the worse she would be? 
So like say a 5/10 on hand to hand she would be not that great at hand to hand but also not super bad? (since its in the middle). The lower the number the more she would need to improve on that skill/stat over time (allowing character development in that area I guess as time goes). 

hand to hand: pretty much speaks for itself, how good is she at it? rate it out of 10.
defence: how good is she at defending herself in a fight?
offence: how good is she when on the attack in general?
people skills: is she good with people? is she not so good? is she neither good nor bad with people? (you mentioned she's socially awkward so probably 5 or lower?)

I'm not sure if this is what you were asking for but I hope I've helped, if not I'll try again haha ^.^
Is she a part of a canon crew? or one made up of OC's? :)
EmmieyCathiey Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2016
She isn't a pirate. She is a second generation immigrant to Goa. Her parents moved there 20 years before she was born from a country that is based off France called West Gaul, East Gaul is based off Germany. Her parents left for Goa for economic opportunity because The World Government has put a lot of economic and military sanctions against both parts of Gaul. The sanctions were put in place after Gaul tried to up rise to gain independence fifty years before One Piece started. A lot of people died and a wall was built to separate Eastern and Western Gaul. 

Immigrants are treated not so good in Goa (due to cultural differences and language barriers. My OC's first language is a language based of French and she still uses French honorifics. Also immigrants are paid half the minimum wage, which causes immigrant parents to send their children to work at young ages (she started working in Outlook III's house at the age of five). Also there is this fucked up practice among the nobles to kidnap immigrant girls (ages 14-19) and sell them to other nobles and force them to be mistresses (this happens to girls that are domestic servants). At the age of 17, this happens to Marietta. She is "sold" to a noble named Treven (he's the one guy that attacked Sabo with the knife). The household has 6 mistresses counting Marietta. The young women are treated as sex slaves and as objects to be presented as 'examples of the culture' this means that each woman has to dress in traditional garb from their culture (for example; a forced mistress in Treven's household has parents from a country based of China. The girl's feet are bound so tight that she can't walk and has to be carried everywhere by Marietta or one of the other women. So she is sort of in a crew? 

Anyway how she relates, her younger brother Marceux is a spy for The Revolutionary army and tipped them off to the 'forced mistress' practice. Once Marietta is freed, she becomes a part, but she goes around the other nations giving her testimony and speaks out about the violence against women and girls in The World Government's vicinity (there is another person that speaks about the issues men and boys face as far as sexual violence and abuse). 

Defense: She will probably try to defend herself with whatever is nearby and if needed her fists. Same for offense. Yeah she's a weak ass bitch. 

I'm still fleshing her out
xXFireFistAceXx Featured By Owner 8 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Woah cool, I like how much extra things you've added to Goa.
Her lack of fighting skills makes sense with her upbringing/circumstances. Will she learn how to fight later as part of her development?
Have you got her profile up yet? (sorry it took me so long to reply I kinda forgot, also it wouldn't let me reply on mobile for some reason? o.o)
AbsterxxTrippin Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Hello everyone! New member here! Please to meet you all. :D (Big Grin) 
CelestialWolf66 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Welcome! Hope you enjoy your time here ^-^
darkervapid Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
welcome, we look forward to seeing your art. please enjoy your membership here!
AbsterxxTrippin Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Yes I will! Thank you! :D (Big Grin) 
Tory-Rug1728 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2016  New Deviant
thank you ;)
Froodals Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Luffy Anime Emoji (Big grin) [V3] hey people! If anyone likes Luffy the best, please have a look at my ebay I have a big poster of him for sale! Luffy-risa…
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